A passion for yoga and mindfulness brought her to incorporate aromatherapy with movement, giving life to DEVI, which is still rooted in these practices. 

We hope to continue drawing inspiration from travels and experiences, taking lessons from the natural world and crafting rituals that heal the body and soul.

Our Philosophy

The word ‘Dhevi’ has a spiritual presence across South Asia. Even in the Maldives, the word has dual meaning; in verbal use, it alludes to the formation of habit, and as a noun, refers to otherworldly spirits. Marrying all these concepts, DEVI’s brand philosophy draws on ancient healing knowledge rooted in the natural world, to ritualize the intimate act of self-care and restoration.

All of our products are inspired from nature, handcrafted with intention, using nature as an instrument for spiritual connection through self-rituals. 

Acknowledging the therapeutic potential of aroma, and its role in enhancing mindful practices, we offer a lovingly curated line of products designed to help navigate your way to peace and tranquillity. 

Our Values

With products that rely on the healing elements of nature itself, a commitment to practices that help preserve and sustain the environment is inherent to every aspect of the company’s operations.

All of our blends feature eco-friendly packaging via glass bottles and are concocted using responsibly sourced ingredients that do not contain parabens, phlathetes, synthetic fragrances or additives.

Devi works exclusively with distributors and suppliers whose views align with the company’s green beliefs.