Scent, Spirit & Natural World

Scent, Spirit & Natural World


I've always had a deep interest in mindfulness, nature, and aromatherapy. 

Growing up, my early experiences on the islands inspired a continuing desire to live in harmony with nature. From reminiscing the earthy scents of leaves found in the dense tropical mangroves to the smell of Jasmine and Frangipani trees along the pathways.

These aromatic experiences I’ve had over the years help transport me back to a world of nostalgia, that has facilitated a deep reconnection with myself. 

Each scent played a crucial role in helping me find inner peace and calmness. 

I believe that there is a kinship between memories, scent and the natural world. Encountering natural fragrances can evoke memories and bring a sense of well-being.

After a decade-long journey of experimenting with the alchemy of scents through mindfulness exercises like yoga,  I felt a calling to create something that aligned with these practices and can help others to benefit from the power of aromatherapy. 

This vision gave life to DEVI, a platform that is still rooted in such practices. 


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Yoga with aromatherapy helped many of my yoga students find deep relaxation, and incorporate it into their self-care routine.

The oils that I created for Devi are carefully composed to elicit these emotions, catering to different olfactory preferences. All of our products are crafted using natural oils, without any synthetic fragrances. 

They are not intended as substitutes for perfumes, but rather possess therapeutic qualities that can promote the healing of our body and mind.

Personally, I find that the process of creating scents and oils is the most exhilarating part. I enjoy testing the aromas, making adjustments, and experimenting with different variations. It is an ongoing journey of discovery. 

The core of DEVI revolves around the concept of spirituality and its ability to heal through the harmonious synergy of plants, connections, and art. I have exciting plans to introduce new products and collaborate with local artisans, all in line with our brand philosophy. 

I am thrilled to expand the distribution through this platform, and i’m excited to make our products more readily available to customers across the Maldives.

Love, F